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a random mental scrapbook for things rescued from the detritus of everyday, maintained
by an impossibly romantic, oftentimes obsessive compulsive, but always incredibly
unfrazzled and beautiful (or so she'd like to think), bride-to-be.
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A woman who writes feels too much,those trances and portents!
As if cycles and children and islands weren't enough;
as if mourners and gossips and vegetables were never enough.
She thinks she can warn the stars. A writer is essentially
a spy. Dear love,
I am that girl. --from THE BLACK ART by Anne Sexton

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Sunken Garden.

So Nice ("Samba de Verao" by Marcos Valle)

Someone to hold me tight, that would be very nice,
someone to love me right, that would be very nice.
Someone to understand each little dream in me,
someone to take my hand, to be a team with me.
So nice, life would be so nice if one day I'd find
someone who would take my hand and samba thru life with me.
Someone to cling with me, stay with me right or wrong,
someone to sing with me some little samba song.
Someone to take my heart, then give his heart to me,
someone who's ready to give love a start with me.
Oh yes, that would be so nice.
Should it be you and me, I could see it would be nice.

- Norman Gimbel