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She thinks she can warn the stars. A writer is essentially
a spy. Dear love,
I am that girl. --from THE BLACK ART by Anne Sexton

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fitting tribute.

Today I must have burned some P300 pesos worth of gasoline.
This morning I went on a client call at O. It was in Pasay City!
Then I had to drive back to Antipolo to pick up my mom for our
fitting session with Peter--it turned out my dad was coming, too!
Peter's atelier is in Mandaluyong so from Antipolo to Mandaluyong
I drove again in the searing heat of the mid-afternoon sun.

The dress is looking good--well, at least the shape of the lining
is looking like how I imagined the dress to be. I could lose some
inches around the waist, though. Sigh. If only I didn't love rice
that much... It's going to look infinitely better with the lace over it,
I told myself--and as if he could read my thoughts, Peter told me
that the satin lining was unkind to flab, but assured me that my figure
was fine. Was surprised that my dad did not raise any objections
to the slightly low V neckline, and the x back. He hit it off well with
Peter and he even got to tell him about his and Mommy's wedding.
He said that my mom's gown was made by a place called Society
Outfitters--apparently an in place for gowns during their time.

I remember Mommy's gown. When I was still a baby who could just
barely crawl, my mom took it out of its box and put it in a hanger.
Then my dad took photos with me in front of it. Years later, she
will have to throw the gown away because the termites will get to it.
So sad. Will look for that photo so i can post it here.


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