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As if cycles and children and islands weren't enough;
as if mourners and gossips and vegetables were never enough.
She thinks she can warn the stars. A writer is essentially
a spy. Dear love,
I am that girl. --from THE BLACK ART by Anne Sexton

Saturday, May 13, 2006

1 year 5 months ago today...

filched from the digi-ek e-group message archive:

It's hard to host but it's even harder to emcee to a gathering
of writers. Feeling ko ine-edit ako for every word I say!...

--jay bautista

During the wedding reception, that part where the couple is asked
to say a few words, a radiant May, in a tongue-in-cheek manner,
said: "This is one of the better weddings I've attended..." Alcuin
borrowed her mike to interject: "Because it's yours, Sweetie!"

("Uuuuy!" vibe from the audience.) Even bestman Jon who, as Mads
would put it, is built like an action figure gushed: "Ang sweet
namaaan. Kakainggit namaaan!"

Congratulations for pulling off your "New York Wedding" (editors
talaga sila, cutting out parts like the bouquet/garter toss to
the relief of the singles.)

A bit of trivia: We learned from the priest (with the same surname
as Alcuin) that the church in New York, Cubao is where May's parents
exchanged their own vows.

As for info you can use, if you Kule people ever need a wedding
reception emcee and speaker at a minute's notice, Jay and Barry
(thinking on their feet) proved to be up to the surprise tasks hehe.

--lu-ann fuentes

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Bomb...at 1 yr. 3 mos.

Portrait of my Love

Monday, November 08, 2004

(Oh-no-I can't-believe-it-but-there's-only-just)
One more month to go.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I knew it.

Brini Maxwell is a man.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


After hearing mass, I checked out Ansons Supermarket
and Department Store. Actually, my intention was just to
buy milk for my cereals. It was too much of a hassle to cross
over to Hi-Top where I usually get my groceries. But, inevitably,
I am always Alice in Wonderland inside grocery and
department stores. In all the fifteen months I've lived in Beatriz,
this is thefirst time I'd gone inside Ansons. Very interesting.
The inside is crammed with a lot of groceries, and there
is even a Swarovski Crystal kiosk which had a lot of lovely
items for sale. Quite pricey, surprisingly, for the place--the
shoppers are all public commuters--there is not even a parking
space. Maybe I can buy my tokens for the female entourage
and principal sponsors from there. Then on my way to the
supermarket entrance I changed my mind about getting my
milk so soon. The department store beckoned. So I heeded
its call and went upstairs. The milk can wait.

On the second floor was the department store, and annexed to
it --I'm not sure if it was a tenant or if it was still part of Ansons--
is an ukay-ukay. I found a sleek grey and lined Theme jacket
for only P220. I could use it for my trip to Hong Kong tomorrow!

[Before leaving for church this morning i had brought my dirty
clothes to the laundry shop. My laundry was short of the 1 kilo
for the minimum load. When I got home I passed by the laundry
shop. Good thing they haven't touched my stuff yet. I managed
to have my jacket laundered as well without paying extra.]

When I finally got my milk (and junk food and Diet Coke and
more junk food), on an impulse my mind rummaged through
its usual mental inventory of stuff I needed to buy for the condo.
Then it just occurred to me, it was pointless--that in less than
a month I will start moving my things to the apartment I will
soon share with Alcuin anyway. Then I was overcome with
mixed emotions. Only last year I had celebrated my freedom
from my sister with whom for many years I had shared a room,
then a condo (even then, we still shared a room because it was
a one-bedroom affair). Then now I will have to share my space
again, with a relative stranger. And I will have to accept that
I will do housework for him (although he says he does
housework) as his wife. I've never cooked and kept house
for anyone all these years, except myself (my sister and I
shared the chores). The thought, I am realizing now, is very


Thought I'd hear mass today at St. Joseph's Shrine. As a
resident of Barangay Duyan-Duyan (not the most elegant-
sounding address, I'd have to admit), my official parish is
St. Joseph's. So this is where I applied for my marriage
banns. Maybe I should have applied instead in a parish in
Marikina, the area where, incidentally, there seems to be
a concentration of A's exes :P

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fitting tribute.

Today I must have burned some P300 pesos worth of gasoline.
This morning I went on a client call at O. It was in Pasay City!
Then I had to drive back to Antipolo to pick up my mom for our
fitting session with Peter--it turned out my dad was coming, too!
Peter's atelier is in Mandaluyong so from Antipolo to Mandaluyong
I drove again in the searing heat of the mid-afternoon sun.

The dress is looking good--well, at least the shape of the lining
is looking like how I imagined the dress to be. I could lose some
inches around the waist, though. Sigh. If only I didn't love rice
that much... It's going to look infinitely better with the lace over it,
I told myself--and as if he could read my thoughts, Peter told me
that the satin lining was unkind to flab, but assured me that my figure
was fine. Was surprised that my dad did not raise any objections
to the slightly low V neckline, and the x back. He hit it off well with
Peter and he even got to tell him about his and Mommy's wedding.
He said that my mom's gown was made by a place called Society
Outfitters--apparently an in place for gowns during their time.

I remember Mommy's gown. When I was still a baby who could just
barely crawl, my mom took it out of its box and put it in a hanger.
Then my dad took photos with me in front of it. Years later, she
will have to throw the gown away because the termites will get to it.
So sad. Will look for that photo so i can post it here.

Lunch with the (future) in-laws

Yesterday, I was formally introduced to Alcuin's family.
It was very informal, and Alcuin's dad, Tito Tony, jokingly
asked me whether my parents found his son acceptable
at all. He asked me what my parents thought of Alcuin.
I said my parents did not seem to have any objections,
or if they did, they've not told me anything. I even added
that they seemed to have already been instantly impressed
with Alcuin when we were first going out, because they were
both familiar with his by-line in the Inquirer.

Later, Alcuin's stepmom Tita Inday joined us and she sat
beside me. Of course this made me nervous because it was
apparent she was going to grill me. It wasn't as bad as I
thought--later, I found out that she was very pleasant, and
she just seemed genuinely interested to get to know me.
My worries about the meeting seemed to have been
unnecessary. Jaypee, Alcuin's younger brother came very late,
as we were just leaving the restaurant. But I already know
Jaypee from UPCFA . He used to be a student of Darling's
and Rita's.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Barely 49 days to go and i still have no idea for
my invitation design. Waaah!!! Ironically, the title
of this artwork is "Bride" whichI made for the
cover of a novel entitled "Catch Me a Firefly" for